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There are many different fret wire profiles available, from small to large, low to high, narrow to wide, oval to round to triangular, all affecting the playing characteristics and feel of the instrument. Brass frets from days past have given way to today’s standard material, 18% nickel silver, also called “German Silver.” But even with 18% nickel silver, there are differences in hardness, tensile strength, surface quality, grain size, and other metallurgical properties that influence a fret’s quality, performance and feel. Beyond 18% nickel silver, new alloys have been employed in the production of modern fret wire that dramatically improves the performance and aesthetics of the guitar.

For this feeling and performance to last it is vital to employ a fret wire with the appropriate alloy and hardness to avoid premature wear. Fret wear results in buzzing, poor intonation, and a degrading of the feel of the fingerboard. The result is the need for leveling and dressing or even the expense of fret replacement. Premature wear can be avoided with quality fret wire, and with our stainless steel frets completely eliminated.

With the Jescar line of professional grade high quality guitar fret wire we offer luthiers and players these benefits:

  • Perfect forming of all wire dimensions throughout the entire coil length
  • Stringent quality control of tensile strength, hardness, dimension, and composition
  • Exact symmetry of profile with centered and perpendicular tangs
  • Barbs with sharp highly defined points to bite into the fret slots and remain securely seated.
  • Tolerances accurate to within +/- 0.002″
  • Superfinish surface quality for a bright appearance and smooth finish
  • Greater hardness and tighter grain structure for longer life and playability
  • Available in traditional 18% Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, and our Gold EVOgold™ alloy
  • Customer support dedicated to total customer satisfaction
  • Jescar’s three decades of experience specifying and producing precision components and manufacturing machinery for the optical industry has given us unique insight into modern manufacturing technology.

Securely pressed into the fingerboard, the fret wire is the gateway between the musician and the instrument. It is one of the most critical components in the playing quality of the guitar. The interaction between the strings and frets determines the feel of the neck as much as the neck contour, fingerboard material, or finish.

Beyond 18% nickel silver, new alloys have been employed in the production of modern fret wire that dramatically improves the performance and aesthetics of the guitar. Our stainless steel, with its greater hardness and tighter grain structure has much higher wear resistance for greater fret life. In addition, string bending is much smoother without the friction or grinding felt with traditional fret material. We have selected a stainless steel alloy that provides the best combination of fret life and installation ease.

  • Most fretwire is manufactured in coils for ease of installation. Our FW39040 and FW37053 are only offered in 24″ straight lengths to prevent twisting if coiled.
  • Pricing is based on orders of one pound minimum quantity per size, plus shipping via UPS, FedEx, or USPS.
  • Gold colored EVOgold™ wire is available on selected sizes only.
  • Individual frets cut to size, straight cut or cut and notched tangs, are available upon request. Minimum order quantity for pre-cut frets is 2500 pieces.

CAUTION: Jescar Fretwire will improve the tone and playability of your guitar.

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Fret Wire Specifications

Looking for more in-depth fret wire specifications? This chart should help you determine the correct fret wire for your project.

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