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Experience Excellence with Jescar: Your Premier Source for Precision Fret Wire Products and Polishing Compounds

For over three decades, Jescar has stood as an industry pioneer, consistently delivering top-tier precision metal wire products and cutting-edge polishing compounds. As a trusted name in the field, Jescar's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

JESCAR Finishing Products

Introducing Jescar Finishing Products: The Trusted Solution for Polishing Guitars to Perfection. With a rich legacy spanning over 40 years of specialized expertise in high gloss finishing, Jescar offers an unparalleled polishing offering tailored for guitars, pianos, band instruments, and more. Our innovative polishing line is meticulously designed to address not only aesthetic enhancements but also the critical aspect of scratch removal. Trusted and endorsed by both professionals and the do it yourself-ers, Jescar Finishing Products stands as a testament to reliability, quality, and exceptional results.

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    With over 30 years of expertise in designing and creating precision components and manufacturing equipment for the optical sector, Jescar possesses unparalleled insights into cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

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    Jescar is proud to introduce Summit Professional Luthier Tools to the United States market. Crafted to address even the most challenging issues, Summit Tools revolutionize the process of instrument construction and repair, streamlining it like never before. Additionally, Summit offers specialized fret cutting tools meticulously crafted for stainless steel cutting needs.

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    Setting the benchmark for high-gloss buffing and polishing, the Glanzmax compound series is the industry standard. Jescar, with over three decades of experience, introduced our compounds to the major guitar manufacturers. Leveraging this wealth of expertise, we have now harnessed it to create the finest quality compounds, catering to the needs of guitar repair shops.

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