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MasterTint Black and White Kit

MasterTint Black and White Kit


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Finish your work in flying colors! Complete, spot-on color control for your repairs and restorations. MasterTint additives make color matching fast and easy. Formulated to work with all GluBoost products. Kits come with everything you need for the perfect match every time!

- Strength-tested:Unlike generic off-the-shelf colors, MasterTint will never weaken your polymeric bond, so your work remains sound over time.

- Scientifically formulated specifically for use with MasterGlu CA and Fill n’ Finish Pro Formula products.

- Mix and match colors to your specific needs

- Long Lasting Concentrated Formulas

- Pure, deep high-quality colors allow natural grain to show through.

- Easy-to-use formulas

- Dissolves right in- No solvent needed

- Available in 3 collections

Modern - Red, Blue, Yellow

Vintage - Amber, Yellow, Brown

Black and White - Black, Black, Black, White

- All kits come in sturdy, stay-fresh, moisture-resistant storage containers and ships complete with three spatulas and our durable non-stick mixing palette which CA just wont stick to!


MasterTint Collection

Colors – 3 Black + 1 White


Four shades in stay-fresh, moisture-resistant storage containers (3 Black and 1 White), one uniquely durable, a non-stick mixing palette and 3 dispensing spatulas.

*The spatulas are ideal for ease and convenience while dispensing color, and our mixing palette is made of a unique material that CA's just won't stick to!

1. Features the best, easy to grab, non-stick mixing surface available! Period!!!

2. Made of the highest quality, super durable material

3. Includes a color color-correct mixing background

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