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Professional luthier’s tools SUMMIT® was developed in collaboration between SEVER team and Unior Company, Zreče. It represents a line of innovative professional tools made of best high quality materials. It's top virtues are durability, precision and quality. Entirely engineered and produced in EU.

SUMMIT® it's a registred trade mark and was developed upon our long-time experience in guitar building and repairing. The practice shows, that many operations on instruments can be solved fast and easy just by using a proper tool. Summit line is ergonomically shaped which allows the performer to obtain total control over the work and achieve better results. Another important feature of the SUMMIT tool line is that its innovative and specific design saves time needed to perform a certain procedure.

SUMMIT® line offers a variety of tools for the most detailed work. More than 40 different tools including pliers, wrenches, fret cutters, hammers, clamps, levelers and many others.

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