Collection: Liquid Compounds

When a pedestal or bench buffing machine is not available, solid bar compounds will not be suitable.  It would then be necessary to use a hand-held automotive style polishing machine.  Buffing with liquid compounds will work perfectly with a polishing machine, and the same level of gloss can be achieved.

If using only liquid compounds is necessary, then it is recommend to sand to a minimum of 1500 grit.  Eliminate the sanding marks with Jescar Correcting Compound and a wool buffing pad.

If necessary, a fine polishing liquid can be applied with a separate soft foam polishing pad.  We recommend the Jescar Micro Finishing Polish to remove any fine residual surface defects and to bring up the level of gloss.  After completing the buffing process clean the surface with Jescar Paint Refresh Detail Spray and a microfiber polishing cloth.  The Paint Refresh is silicone-free and will leave a smooth, slick feeling surface.

Jescar Correcting Compound – Liquid compound for removal of minimum 1500 grit sanding marks or light scratches on all wood coatings.  Silicone-free.

Jescar Micro Finishing Polish – Liquid polish for removal of any remaining swirl marks or haze on all wood coatings.  Silicone-free.

Jescar Paint Refresh Detail Spray – Quickly removes dust, dirt, and fingerprints, leaving a slick, smooth anti-static finish.  Silicone-free.

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